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Why the Harry Potter Universe Has Inspired Adult Fanfiction

Who hasn’t heard of Harry Potter? This seven-book series written by J. K. Rowling depicts the story of Harry Potter, a young orphan destined by fate to battle the evil wizard Lord Voldemort.

Harry Potter has also been produced into cinemas by Warner Bros. The first six films were released between 2001 and 2009. The last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was developed into two films with release dates in November 2010 and July 2011. Harry Potter is a phenomenon that has affected people who don’t usually participate in fandom.

            A series as successful as this one, there is no surprise that the presence of Harry Potter fanfiction is huge online. As of 2017, It had more published works on FanFiction.Net than any other fandom. Luckily, the author J.K. Rowling is supportive of her fans and their fanfiction. She even gives awards to her favorite sites. Fandom has a wide array of fan activities in various forms. These forms include conventions, Quidditch, fanvids, cosplay porn, wizard rock, fanfiction, fanart, podcasts, and discussion forums. Undoubtedly so, the fandom is at such a large magnitude and varied that fans in one area may be completely oblivious as to the events taking place elsewhere. 

It has been proposed that a majority of Harry Potter fans embarked into fanfiction, fanart, and particularly fandom most likely through anime and manga fandoms instead of by Western media fandoms. This is believed to have had a visual effect on fanworks and contributed to a lower all-around age than in various other fandoms. It has also been hypothesized that Harry Potter fandom has an unusually high number of fans who have never participated in a fandom before. This further contributes to the idea that it is a threshold fandom.

The large cast of characters in Harry Potter offers a multitude of potential blends. Harry Potter fan fiction appeared primarily in the form of online fan fiction. The timing of the books and movies contributed to printed fanzines not becoming common. Despite the timing, a small number of fanzines; gen, het and slash, were distributed. HP fanfic is unbelievably diverse and is classified by character, generation or time period. It can also be organized by the era it was written. The time after each new book was published characterized an exciting trend of fanfic with new genres, tropes, and methods of interpretation. The long summer between the fourth and fifth book brought about a vast increase in the amount of HP fandom and, thus new creative ideas.

The first Harry Potter site was the Realm. It was founded in the fall of 1999. The website proved to be too much for one person to run. Thus, the declining fanfiction archives resulted in loss of its popularity for fanfiction activities. It wasn’t long, however,  and the center moved to This site also referred to as “The Site That Must Not Be Named,” by some of the more prejudiced forum posters.  It was on this very site that the Harry Potter fandom expanded into the largest literary fandom on the net. The ranks grew resulting in an increase of views and ideas including celebrity porn.

It wasn’t just its good publicity, large marketing budget, and the controversy surrounding it that made it appealing to society. The Harry Potter series is a phenomenon because it depicts a story loved by millions. Fans became familiar with a world of magic that many dreamed of escaping into. Harry Potter has changed the world. It allowed fans to own their geeky habits and now the possibilities are endless.