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There are as many fanfics about Quidditch as there are fans of the imaginary game. In one of them, Harry joins the Quidditch Professional League only to discover that the backbiting of sponsorship and team politics are even more dangerous than a vengeful Lord hunting him.

The World Cup and Vitam Paramus

In another, things don’t’ go as planned for Harry after the war. Being an Auror wasn’t his path in life, so he turned to the scenic sport instead. At the 2002 World Cup, he considers what he always wanted and what went wrong.

Harry is playing Quidditch in Vitam Paramus. There aren’t that a ton ofdetails about the game itself. They are mentioned, but it’s mostly a fiction work about Harry’s life. Some focus is given to Gabrielle, but the romance moves really slow.

Katie and Harry go pro, but after a series of bad experiences, they decide to avoid it altogether by making people think they’re together. But aren’t they deceiving themselves?

Pureblood Pretense

This is one of the most famous and well-written fanfics.Judging by various plot elements, we could even call it a work of art. Harry has a complete, loving family here, making deception harder to pull off. Pureblood Pretense is contrasted to another famous fanfic, In Love of Quidditch, in which only Remus Lupin and James Potter are left. James and Remus had a fight when the kids were 5 and severed their relationship.

In Love of Quidditch

This is an interesting story to analyze. Writer Secondary Luminescence used elegance to solve some weaknesses in The Pureblood Pretense’s plot. The writer of the latter, murkybluematter, has said these weaknesses exist because they weren’t taking the fic all that seriously in the beginning. In this fic, Voldemort does not die. Not only that – he’s very active and even comes to the fore of a political party, which arranges for Hogwarts only to accept pureblood wizards and witches from now on.

Alternatively, In Love of Quidditchmentions in Chapter 1 that no one has seen the Dark Lord in six years and then goes on to introduce Quirrellmort, fairly unchanged and pervious to a similar “fortification in Harry’s skin” even though Lily died in childbirth. Nothing indicates a justification of that specific approach to things. This is a weakness in an overall very well-written story, one that Quidditch fans and Harry Potter fans in general have come to appreciate.