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Do you know what kind of fanfiction reader you are? Some people like canon fiction. Others prefer pre-canon. Still others, post-canon. One story type is “the alternate universe” – that’s a great place to start. This article is about the different types of Harry Potter fanfics.

Most of these works are rated M, so sharing them with your ten-year-old cousin’s probably not a good idea.

What If?

There’s a really great what-if type story on Tumblr. Admittedly, if you’re looking for Harry Potter fanfic, this social media site won’t be your first choice, but make sure you read it.

Hermione’s Version of the Story

We recommend an old-school fanfic called Hermione, Queen of Witches. It goes all the way back to the time Sugar Quills was still active. Also known as the Secret Diary of Hermione Granger, this five-book series tells the story from the wonder girl’s viewpoint in the form of a diary.

We all love Emma Watson, so it’s no surprise so many fanfics are devoted to her. We love that she’s a strong young woman who doesn’t bow down to convention. We love her friendship with feminist icon and Ms. Magazine editor Gloria Steinem and her frank conversation with Steinem about porn. We think the Vogue cover was a bit over the top, but hey, a girl’s gotta do what she likes, as Watson would say herself. On that note, we recommend “Hermione can do anything”. In his fanfic, she’s in the House of Slytherin.

The Green Girl

Can’t imagine it? You should read The Green Girl – the writer places Granger’sstreamlined personality in quite extenuating circumstances.

After the End

This is an old-school, post-Hogwarts fan fiction dating from 2003. You’ll find it’s very nostalgic to read a conventional, hopeful tale of the world of wizards that was written before Order of the Phoenix came out.


Interesting in reading something post-Deathly Hallows? We suggest Rebuilding, in which Hermione and Draco Malfoy go back to Hogwarts after the war.


Bond is the story of two boys, whose argument in a doorway leads to them getting married, to their dismay. This fic has an element of vampires in it and is definitely worth a read.


Finally, this story features an epilogue-compliant plot, in which everything goes wrong. Why? By creating an Alternate Past! In Turn, Harry and Ginny are living unhappily ever after with their many children. After an unexpected evening, the characters wake up to see how things would have been different if they had made a different choice.