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The Naked QuidditchGame or Match is a humorous story by Anya McLerie, a multifandom fan writer most famous for starting The Slayer’s Fanfic Archive. The naked game invented “Mmail”, a form of magical email used by the characters for communication. It has inspired This Means War and many other fanfics.

The Naked Game has been translated into many languages, including French and Spanish.

Originally, the story was posted on It was then moved to, which didn’t post the last chapter. As a result, fans would ask for and share the chapter.

In 2007, posted the story with the title “The Original Naked Quidditch Match”. This story has some minor changes and corrections, such as conversion to measurement units used in the UK.

The story has won the Hourglass Award by Admins’ Choice and the Multifaceted Award among others.

Fans think the story is gloriously funny and gets funnier as you go along. Everybody remains in character, but the introduction of the naked game makes them depart from tradition and that’s what makes things really hilarious. Situational comedy can do amazing things. The whole story was written using Mmail.

So what happens?

After losing a game of Magical Truth or Dare, the whole team of the House of Gryffindor (except the really young ones) has to play a naked game of quidditch. Of course, they’re not delighted by the prospect. Yet, the show must go on, with fan clubs, official naked calendars, and merchandise poking fun at the evil LordVoldemort.

The twins Fred and George dye themselves usingwoad. Hermione takes pictures of a naked Ron in secret. Only Ginny is really happy because she finally gets to see Harry in the nude. Harry’s fanclub designs a special edition calendar with Harry in the buff.

The story’s Groin Attack section involvesVice Principal McGonagall offering the team a genitalia protection spellto prevent damage caused by fast-moving brooms.

Harry is the only sane person at first. Eventually, he decides to go along, but not after trying to get out of the game in every possible way, including by hiding in the Chamber of Secrets, which Ginny drags him from.

The golden snitches become a very funny euphemism in the story. The high point is Lord Voldemort’s nervous breakdown after being mocked by Harry for his modest attributes.

The bottom line?Naked people can be hilarious, especially when they’re participating in aquidditch match.